Travel to Malaysia

Malaysia can be one of the best places you would have ever visited in your lifetime. It has the best cultural attractions, the best skyline and not to forget the best cuisines of all. People who are fond of eating will definitely love their trip to one of the few places in this world where there is a cultural blend even in the cuisines that are to be offered. You definitely ought to try all those cuisines out there.

Malaysia can be counted as one of the few places which has its food as a tourist attraction. Although there is no single specialty that can be pointed out but there is a whole list of cuisines to choose from and none of them will ever disappoint your taste buds. To get a kick start one must try the Chinese cuisine to begin with the wonderful journey of the cuisines. This is for people travelling in from the western parts of the world where the food isn’t traditionally spicy and hot. The Chinese cuisine is known to be mildly flavored with spices and though it is inevitable influenced by the spicy Malaysian food; it is still tolerable to taste buds which are not used to hared spices. Many people don’t like to waste their time on food while they are on trips which majorly require them to take out time for sightseeing and shopping. People with such an attitude can have the Chinese cuisine without having their vacation routines interfered. The Chinese food is available in most of the restaurants and there are also snacks which are only steamed. Tourists or busy locals can always stop to have a bite at any of the local coffee shops.  This is another best thing about the Chinese cuisine, you are on a trip and you don’t want to bloat or feel overly stuffed you can always go for the light but delicious Chinese cuisine and Malaysia has loads to offer.

Rice plays a very vital role in the Malaysian cuisines and the importance of this has been valued to great extents in dishes; so much so that almost every dish in Malaysia has to be served with rice which is either steamed or carefully cooked in coconut milk.

Many tourists worry about having food while planning to visit some other country. People travelling to Malaysia don’t have to fret about this issue. The best part about visiting Malaysia is having almost everything to eat. There is so much variety that it has something for everyone. No one visiting from the Middle Eastern and other Asian countries will ever be disappointed with the food. There are loads of dishes in the Indian cuisines and also Indian-Muslim cuisines. There is a wide range of typical Indian food which is known for its rich flavors and carefully selected spices for every dish. The most popular ones in Malaysia are the Kuram, which is chicken cooked in a curry of different spices and Tandoori chicken which is chicken cooked or baked in clay oven or mostly steamed with spices. These are one of the milder tasting dishes in the Indian cuisine.

The wide range of continental and Mediterranean cuisines offers everything to international tourists. These are the foods which are enjoyed by everyone no matter what race or culture they belong to. Most of the people who find the Indian food to be too spicy or rich in some flavors of herbs always have the option of having the other international cuisines. This also gives them an opportunity to visit one of the best hotels in Malaysia.