Glass Partition & Office Glass Doors

As a one-stop center for everything regarding the office, Shelton Office has a variety of office doors that they offer to those who want to replace their doors or put up brand new doors in their new offices. While there is aluminum, wood, framed and even frameless doors, the office glass doors always carry the day thanks to the air of classiness and sophistication that glass adds to any space.

One of the many ways you can partition your office space is by using glass. Shelton Office supplies glass as a product to help you in this activity. If you want to achieve that corporate, modern look, you can order your glass partition from them.

There are 2 options when it comes to portioning using glass: frameless full glass or aluminium frame with glass partition. So it is up to you to choose whether you would like to have a frame or not. Continue reading “Glass Partition & Office Glass Doors”

Detecting Water Leaks Using Infrared Thermography

Wet building materials can create hidden molds and at the same time destroy their structural integrity. When any kinds of water leaks occur, the first thing that has to be done is detecting the source of the leak. It can be quite hard to locate the exact source of the water leak without demolition.  But, with a relatively new technique, known as infrared thermography, it is possible to get a view of conditions of the building beyond what can be seen with the naked eyes.

Infrared thermography can show the exact locations of where the materials are wet without having to disturb the structure of the building.  Since the precise problem area is targeted, the reconstruction and repair costs are lowered.

The theory behind infrared thermography is simple.  Electromagnetic energy is generated by vibrating molecules and when the temperatures are high, more energy is emitted as the molecules move faster.  The infrared radiation which is the energy that is emitted is not visible to the eyes, but they can be seen with a camera that has been equipped with an infrared sensor.  If there are thermal differences, they appear as different colors when they are exposed to infrared light.  In order to locate the areas of the building which is wet or abnormally cool or warm due to water leakage, the color distribution has to be analyzed.  Differences in color under infrared light may indicate defects such as inefficient boilers, water infiltration as well as missing insulation.

Infrared thermography is the latest scientific innovation which can help detect fault lines with the use of thermal imaging camera systems.  However, it is also true that the accuracy of the leak detection depends on the skills and experience of the thermographer.  So, if you are looking to employ the services of a water leak detection company, it is essential to ensure that the company has highly skilled and trained thermographers.

Given below are some of the benefits of detecting water leaks using infrared thermography.

Accuracy – the main benefit of detecting water leaks using infrared thermography is that it is 100% accurate.  Since latest technology is used, the performances are proactive and more accurate.

Safe and Fast – the technology also ensures safety of the building.  It is fast and the method only involves taking pictures and analyzing them.  According to experts, it is the safest method available today for leak detection.

Save money – the traditional methods of leak detection are quite expensive.  But, infrared thermography is more cost-efficient as you do not have to spend anything extra to get the whole process done.

Non-invasive – this method does not involve any digging or drilling.  It involves scanning of leaked areas and locating the source of the leak.

Allocating moisture sources – it is very easy for thermographers to locate the sources of the leak because the infrared thermograpgy leakage detection system makes use of radiated energy to allocate the exact source of moisture.

T&T Inspection And Engineering has specialist expertise in providing a wide range of non-destructive diagnostics scanning services, condition based monitoring, preventative & detective maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments.

The infrared thermography leak detection system is comprehensive and whether you are looking to detect leak at your office or house, it is the best method to use.

Why it is important to clean a refrigerator condenser on all refrigeration systems

There is a vital need for normal maintenance of a number of refrigeration parts, in particular the cleaning-up of the air-cooled refrigerator condenser. Failure to maintain the condenser dirt-free will give rise to irregular working temperatures and system pressure giving rise to compressor malfunction and very high service repair expenses that can be evaded with preventative protection tests.

To keep it dirt free

For a refrigerator, it is vital to keep the refrigerator condenser dirt free, at the same time, as it is essential to maintain the water level in the space heater of a vehicle up. A good number of companies suggest at normal gaps, not more than six months, and regular in dirty spots, fish, bakeries and chip stores, business kitchens. To get rid of the grill that is positioned in the face of the condenser, it being a metal completed assembly encompassing a copper tube operating in the fins, and alike in outward show to the vehicle radiator. Make sure that there is enough fresh air streams in the condenser and the warm tired out air can get away freely devoid of recirculation.

To avoid dust forming in the fins

Dust more often than not forms an outside layer over the refrigerator condenser, which might be gotten rid of by vacuum cleaning or brushing. Every now and then, this dust pulls together inside the fins and ought to be done away with. If you make use of a brush at all times sweep analogous to the aluminum fins and in no way across since this will curve the lean aluminum material and decrease airflow in the condenser. If it is blocked with lubricate you will have to turn the system off and make use of an appropriate degreaser for clean up. This can be an extremely chaotic course of action however must be carried out carefully with the purpose of maximizing system performance and lengthen the functional existence of the compressor.

A vacuum cleaner will generally draw dust out as long as the refrigerator condenser has not grown to be thoroughly blocked. If this takes place, it might be crucial to make use of a high-pressure gas to drive this dust out.

Always test to see if it is dirt free

After clean-up, always test out to see that the refrigerator condenser is dirt free all the way through to the fins; a torch generally is required to establish this. Repair the grill in the face of the condenser once cleaning is finished.

Not all have a finned condenser

A few tiny low temperature cabinets do not include a finned condenser, however a wire, or plate sort of condenser, like those utilized on home refrigerators, or otherwise; contain the external casing of the refrigerator like a condenser. This is generally apparent through relatively warmer external cabinet warmth than that of the adjacent items. A few novel systems are built-in with “reversing” fan motors that can decrease the rate of having to clean-up condensers.

Bear in mind that a number of innovative quality systems are built-in as regular with heat feeler that will turn off the refrigerator condenser to guard it from damage owing to overheating.